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DEADLINE: September 30, 2014

(za hrvatsku verziju poziva kliknite: OVDJE)

Short description of the project WALL DISPLAYS:   
The WD project began in 2006 as a direct communication channel of the invisible part of the urban research project “Re-collecting Cities/Re-collecting Time” (RCRT) in collaboration with the citizens of Zagreb by exposing the authors works (curating the archive of RCRT project) within the 7 wall displays of the ex-cinema venue of Croatian Cinematheque that were originally used for display of movie shows announcements, film posters, photographs of actors, but which have been estranged on behalf of Catholic church in 1990s and have become marginalized and neglected urban "non-places".

The intention of RCRT project was to re-conceptualize and reinterpret the "forgotten" and marginalized tangible and intangible urban heritage and to find to ways of its preservation and sustainable reuse.

Since 2010, WD have grown into a independent intermedia project of research on urban hypertextuality i.e. ZAGREB PARAFERNALIE.

Each year the WD editions are exhibited within 8 wall displays of ex Croatian Cinematheque that are located and spread out within city center of Zagreba.
Based upon the submitted applications, the jury of experts are selecting up to five editions (content-wise connected and shaped artistic works for 8 wall displays) or the proposals of editions created by artist and artistic teams worldwide. Submitted works can be a part of the research process (the proposal of edition) or the result of the completed research process and artistic concept (the edition ).

WD are a visible part of Shadow Casters constant research and reflection on the city, public and private space, urbanity, co-existence and identity.

Thematic guidelines:
The Wall Displays are addressing the themes such are urban phenomenons and the ephemeral everyday urban life, new memory urban maps, micro and macro memory narratives that are related to the areas close to the wall displays or memory /visionary perspectives oriented to "other places, world or times". They are also dealing with the complex problems of urban transformations, reinvestigating the politics of memory, everyday political activities and media coverage in public spaces.

Methodology of the WD project:
Wall Displays are encouraging the docufiction approach through the above mentioned thematic guidelines, while simultaneously developing the models of double reading of city hyper- textuality, alternative cartographies, construction of memory places and the tactics of collective construction.

Eligibility for the WD project:
The call is open for all, but in particular for visual i.e. new media artists; researchers in humanities (ethnology studies, sociology, philosophy, urban and cultural studies, urban geography and anthropology) i.e. for interdisciplinary authorial teams considering that Wall Displays are communicating with audience both with text and image. 
We will also accept: innovative proposals based on humanistic approach in urban research that are exploring (aside of the obligatory visual proposal design) further elaboration in visual design. 
Our priority are ideas that contain "realistic" potencial for execution or further research as well as those for development of future implementation.

What we ask from applicants:

The integral, interdisciplinary authorial concept of the Wall Display Edition that treats each of 8 wall display locations as a separate content unit within the proposed concept unity.
Link on googlemap of eight location of Wall Displays.

The submission proposal must contain:
  • The title of the work /project 
  •  Short textual explanation of the authorial theme, concept and motivation – maximum 90 words 
  • Description of the project  – maximum 300 words
  • Visual design of concept idea  (sketches, drawings, graphics in jpg or pdf format or some other format – drawings/sketches can done electonically or manually ) -10 pages maximum  
  • Methodology: explanation of the research process elaborated by phases inclucing the resources and methods – description of each phase if the research process is completed ; detailed description of all phases, expected results, detailed action plan and time line if the research process is in developing process. 
  • Presentation mode of the work/edition (type of media and its performative potential ) maximum 100 words 
  • Targeted groups of the public – maximum 100 words 
  • Author' biography; description of the project team (modes of collaboration) – maximum 150 words 

The submission proposal could contain:
  • Collaboration of the project with local community (citizens, community councils, schools and institutions in the vicinity of Wall Displays )   
  • Project proposal that in a witty and innovative way want to attract the attention of passers by – either by its design, innovative content, specific insight or by using the new technologies.
  • Project that are collaborating with other media and partners are not excluded. 

Link to dimensions of Wall Displays: HERE

Important notice: the submission proposals that do not contain visual design elaboration (at least for one single wall display) will be considered incomplete (modes of presentation: sketches, drawings, patchwork, animation, etc.)

Production of the selected works/editions will be covered by Shadow Casters, and selected authors will be awarded with 600 Euros gros amount per project. Still, the authors (project teams) are expected to cover the expenses of research process and visual design layout/presentation at their own cost.

The production is covering: 
  • the collaboration of the editorial committee with the authors with respect to the development of proposed edition and conceptualization of the project; 
  • assistance in administering the project and in research' organizing as well as with seeking additional expertise, publishing and exhibition of completed edition.  
  • entire PR of the Edition: press conference and presentation of the edition, publishing of the Edition' flyer or brochure, announcement to the media and our mailing list (with over 6000 email addresses)
  • editing of the photographs for the edition, supply of the props or additional equipment upon mutual agreement 
  • in exceptional cases: co-design of the Edition ;
  • for the authors who reside outside Zagreb, the production is covering: accommodation in Zagreb up to 10 days for the field work – in exceptional cases Shadow Casters will cover travel expenses or assist in seeking additional travel grant.

Editorial committee of Wall Displays (WD) 2015: 
Boris Bakal, Mare Šuljak, Sandra Uskoković.

Important notice: Decisions are final and we hope you understand that, due to the anticipated high volume of applications, unfortunately we cannot enter into any correspondence regarding unsuccessful applications.

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