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Boris Bakal – theatre/film director and actor, intermedia artist, activist and pedagogue born in Zagreb, SFRJ (now Rep. of Croatia). Throughout more then thirty years of his career, he authored theatre and film projects, performances, installations and multimedia artworks which have been presented at festivals and exhibitions in over 20 countries worldwide (including Bologna Cultural Capital of Europe 2000, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Akcent/Prague, Eurokaz/Zagreb, BITEF/Belgrade, INTERFERENCES/Cluj, MESS/Sarajevo, Prague Quadrennial and others). 
Boris Bakal was visiting lecturer and researcher at: New York University, Stony Brook University, SACI Studio Art Centers International (Florence), DAMU (Prague), Kent University,  Columbia University, Leiden University and others. 
He is co-founder of several artistic and activist platforms/associations, e.g. Shadow Casters, Flying University, Orchestra Stolpnik, Croatian Antiwar Campaign and Zagreb Right for the City. 
Boris is currently working on various film, intermedia and theatre projects: “Ex-position” (film/postproduction), “Concrete love” (film/production), “Urban Hum” (theatre/production) and  “On the Verge of Reason“ (web-serial/production).

Igor Kuduz graduated in 1995 at the Graphic arts department, Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 2002 he enrolled in the Master studies in Visual arts department, Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He is author of numberous exhibitions and video festivals in Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana, Budapest, Berlin, Aachen, Dessau, Kairo , Trieste, New York. In his work he uses the techniques of drawing, video and photography. Since 1995 he opened his own studio for visual communication specialized for publishing and curatiorial projects. He is collaborating with many cultural institutions, galeries, and museums worldwide working on exhibition projects and visual idenitiy in publishing for what he has received many prestigious awards (MoMA, Centre Georges Pompidou, Ludwigsmuseum, Goethe Institute, etc).

Since 2013 he is a lecturer at North University, Media design department in Koprivnica. He is one of the founding members of Crotian Institute for Contemporary Arts. He is also a member of Croatian designer society Board and Croatian Photo Association.. He lives and works in Zagreb.  

Mare Šuljak is a visual artist from Dubrovnik. She obtained a MR of art in painting from the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb. 
She participated at numerous solo and group exhibitions, art colonies, workshops and festivals in Croatia and abroad. For her work she obtained numerous recognitions and awards. 
She is a member of the Croatian Visual Artist Association and KinoKlub Zagreb. 
Living in Zagreb she authored video works, graphic design and leaded workshops. Since 2009. she collaborate with Sahdow Casters as projects coordinator, designer and co-author. 

Was born on March the 3rd in 1972 in Zagreb, Croatia where she graduate comparative literature and art history at the University of Zagreb. She’s post graduating at the University of Zagreb, department of Comparative literature, sub department of Cultural studies. She curated numerous group and solo exhibitions of contemporary artists and wrote or edited texts on contemporary visual phenomenon.

Leila Topic currently works as a curator in the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary art in charge of three collections: photography, film and video and media art. She is also an art critic for the several newspaper and magazines and the Croatian national Radio and Television. 

Sandra Uskokovic is an art historian and preservationist. She holds a position of Assistant Professor at the University of Dubrovnik where she currently teaches at the Arts and Restoration Department. In 2004 she graduated (M.A) in Architectural History and Preservation Graduate Program at the George Washington University (2004, USA). During the Fall 2003 she worked as the research fellow at ICCROM (2003, Rome) and UNESCO (2005-2006, Paris) working on WHC Urban Management Guide in historic cities, and the ICOMOS International Survey on preservation of the modern architecture worldwide.
She presented papers in numerous international conferences and symposiums in USA, Asia and Europe (Chicago, Singapore, Tokyo, Ghent, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Moscow, Leipzig, Prague, Riga and Berlin). 

She is an author of two books - Modern Architecture of Dubrovnik as a Cultural Heritage, 2010; and Contemporary Design in Historic Settings, 2013 - and has written and published numerous conference papers and research articles in her home country and abroad. She is an expert member of ICOMOS Scientific Committee on 20th century Heritage. Her primary research interests are: architecture, heritage, modern and contemporary art, urban and cultural theory, performative arts, etc.

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