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Kliknite ovdje za tekst natječaja na hrvatskom!

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We invite all curious creative people to propose a concept of the new editions in the frame of site-specific urban memory project WALL DISPLAYS. One edition comprises an overall concept for eight wall displays scattered through downtown Zagreb, where the theme is covering all of them but the content of each individual wall display may vary.
Shadow Casters will present the selected three concepts in the wall displays within the urban tissue of Zagreb.

About the project Wall Displays (WD):
The Wall Displays project began in 2007 as a window/ communication channel of the invisible parts of the long-term research project “Re-collecting Cities/Re-collecting Time”. The original locations of WD editions are seven wall displays of the ex-cinema venue of Croatian Cinematheque placed in downtown Zagreb. From 2010 on, Wall Displays have grown into a separate and autonomous project. 
Wall Displays are a visible part of our research and reflection on the city, public and private space, urbanity, co-existence and identity.

Concept: Boris Bakal
Editors, authors and collaborators of the previous editions of WD: Barbara Blasin, Boris Bakal, Maja Blažek, Nikolina Butorac, Nikolas Defteros, Josip Horvat, Srećko Horvat, Iva Kovač, Maria Kyriakou, Bojan Mucko, Goran Novaković, Neven Petrović, Katarina Pejović, Tea Plepelić, Srećko Pulig, Željko Serdarević, Nives Sertić, Marita Stanić, Mare Šuljak, Vesna Vuković and Vanja Žanko.

Description and details of application call for concept proposal and collaboration:
We call this application call for creative concept a collaboration because we believe that this is the only possible way to achieve synergy within such determined and conceptually conditioned project as Wall Displays.
The main purpose and goal of this call is to obtain author’s proposals which treat the content of wall displays in the most radical, courageous and challenging way. At the same time, we are also challenging you to include in your ideas all possible connections of Wall Displays with the neighbourhood or to think of something we have never thought of. In other words, the frame is defined but all well argumented rule-breaking proposals are also welcome!

Technical details of wall displays (addresses and dimensions) can be downloaded from this LINK.
Photos of previous edition can be seen HERE.
Here is a Google map with locations of Wall Displays in Zagreb.

Application eligiblity: visual and intermedia artists; designers; photographers; art historians; interdisciplinary researchers; all those whose work corresponds with the requirements of this application. The work has to be connected technically and conceptually with reflections on the coty, urbanity, life in community. It should also be akin to creative poetics and cultural credo of Shadow Casters and the Wall Displays project.

Selection of concepts/colaborations will unfold in few steps:

The application should comprise:
  • Description and concept proposal
  • Sketches  of proposal in jpg or pdf format
  • CV
  • Contact information and a short statement on their motivation to work with Shadow Casters on the Wall Displays project 

Applications should be sent to: ( or via regular mail to: Bacači Sjenki, Bosanska 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

2. Following the first selection of proposals (up to 5) Shadow Casters will contact the applicants by march 30 and invite the selected ones for an interview. The interview with those applicants who reside outside of Zagreb and are not able to come will be conducted via Skype.
 Three proposals will be chosen for final realisation during this year and the results will be known by April 10th 2012. All selected works will be awarded with a fee.

Members of the jury are: Ana Dana Beroš, Elvis Krstulović, Miljenka Buljević, Bojan Mucko and Leo Vukelić.

    Project realisation:
1. An operational plan will be made in coordination between the author and Shadow Casters. The authors will be present in Zagreb during the realisation of the project and launch their edition of Wall Displays.
2. In special cases and where the edition necessarilly requires so, it will be possible to make the preliminary “field trip” to Zagreb. Shadow Casters may offer lodging and an invitation letter for possible travel costs funding. Shadow Casters may cover a part of travel costs to those artists from Croatia who do not reside in Zagreb.

Application deadline: March 20 midnight, CET

::: Shadow Casters CV :::

BACAČI SJENKI (SHADOW CASTERS) is a non-profit international artistic and production platform dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration, creation and reflection within the field of intermedia arts, especially in the domain of its implementation in urban spaces, co-founded by Boris Bakal and Katarina Pejovic. Its seat is in Zagreb.

SC continuously instigate dialogue and active exchange between Croatian and international artists/professionals through: questioning the existing concepts of individual and collective identities; exploring the nature of globalization processes; dealing with social, political and cultural issues such as the politics of public space, the consequences of transition processes, the status and forms of intimacy and systematic production of amnesia and discontinuity.

SC activities range from intermedia performances, cultural memory projects, urban-human networks, artivist projects, informal education, workshops, to lectures, conferences, urban performances, installations and exhibitions.

In the course of the 10 years of its existence, SC have produced a number of projects on local and international level. The majority of these projects, created as performative time sculptures, examines the relation of man and space through entirely different approaches: a specific study of world cities that takes on the shape of poetic-detective urban travels (Shadow Casters); amalgamating and juxtaposing the material space of the performance and the real time of actors with the virtual space and the delayed time of film (Process_City, part III: Process_in_Progress); penetrating into the microcosm of one Zagreb skyscraper and the multi-facetted revealing of its past, present and future (Man is Space: Vitić Dances, intermedia project and full-length documentary film); travelling through the material space of memory of a city neighbourhood that turns into a unique travel through one’s own memory, feelings and sub-conscioussness, thanks to the special sensorial conditions of the visitors (Process_City, part II: Ex-position); creating a multimeda archive of urban events that become the tool for studying the hypertextuality of space (Re-collecting City/Re-collecting Time; Wall Newspapers; Urbotheque).
SC projects have thus far gathered over 120 artists and professionals from 16 countries world-wide. The projects have been produced and presented at festivals and manifestations in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Bologna, Graz, Pisa, Ljubljana, Udine, Bjelovar, Belgrade, Marseille, Leiden, Krizevci, Genoa, Cluj, Szeged, Maribor and New York, in collaboration with local partners (Urban Festival, Croatian Film Days, MI2 Institut, CDU&Small Front Festival, Eurokaz festival-Zagreb, BOK Festival-Bjelovar, Indomitable City Festival-Krizevci, ARL and Karantena Festival-Dubrovnik, /Croatia/; Exodos Festival and Modern Gallery-Ljubljana, Maribor Theatre Festival /Slovenia/; Festival Conttato-Udine, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Crocce-Genoa, CinemaTeatro LUX-Pisa, Fabbrica Europa-Florence, Stagione di Caccia festival and Orchestra Stolpnik-Bologna /Italy/; BITEF, CENPI and Rex Cultural Centre-Belgrade /Serbia/; Thealter Festival-Szeged /Hungary/; Forum Stadtpark Cultural Centre-Graz /Austria/; LFK&La FRICHE-Marseille /France/; Leiden University /The Netherlands/; The Kitchen, Dancing in The Streets and Columbia University-New York /USA/).

For more detailed information on Shadow Casters and their projects, please check:

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