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Ana Janjatović-Zorica, sociologist, translator and editor, coordinator of World Music Festival Nebo, Festival of the First and artistic organization Studio Artless and health food cooking teacher. Edition Nothing worst than hunger: transitional transformation of workers canteens into banks, casinos, gambling houses and posh shops, done for Shadow casters project Wall Newspaper in 2012. and exhibition The story of Saint Joseph living in the May day urban settlement in Zagreb 2013. (Windows Gallery, S.S. Kranjčević Library)., both projects dealing with socialist heritage. Currently working on Željko Zorica's Archive.


Ivan Klisurić aka Ivan Klis (1978), is a freelance graphic designer and a member of Croatian Designers Society (HDD), Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH), and ZGRAF’s 11th executive committee (International exhibition of graphic design and visual communications). Since 2003, he has been active as an author of numerous visual identities and publications mostly in the field of culture and independent productions. In 2010 he was awarded with the Croatian Designers' Society 0910 Award for best design of visual communication in the professional category (project/catalogue ‘Secret Exhibitions’). He has participated in exhibitions at home and abroad (Magdalena, Croatian Design Exhibition 0708, 0910, Face of the Book, Zgraf, Slavonian Biennale, Anti-Design Festival London, International Book Art Leipzig, Contemporary Croatian Design – In a Nutshell, D Day – International design festival).


Leo Vukelić was born in Zagreb in 1972. He studied painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb. He also graduated in sculpture from the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf in Germany. Vukelić has exhibited his works within frameworks of numerous joint and solo exhibitions in Split, Zagreb, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Prague, Belgrade, Strasbourg and the village of Šikuti. He has won the award of the 27th edition of the event «Salon mladih» in Zagreb and the prestigious «Radoslav Puntar» Award. Vukelić is also one of the protagonists of the retrospective of Croation video art.


Born in Split in 1978. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Active as an art critic since the early 2000s. Member of the editorial staff of the cultural programme of Radio 101 until 2010. His art reviews have been published on the Third Programme of Croatian Radio and in magazines such as Zarez, Čovjek i prostor (Man and Space), Kontura, Oris etc. Editor of the website and director of the HDD Gallery within the Croatian Designers Association since 2011. Currently he is also a member of the Editorial Board of the architectural magazine Oris and writer and presenter of the cultural TV show Trikultura on Croatian national television. He is a member of the Study section of the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH) and the Executive Board of AICA Croatia. In 2013 he won the Annual Award of the Croatian section of AICA for his work.


Sandra Uskoković is an art historian and preservationist. She holds a position of Assistant Professor at the University of Dubrovnik where she currently teaches at the Arts and Restoration Department. In 2004 she graduated (M.A) in Architectural History and Preservation Graduate Program at the George Washington University (USA). During the Fall 2003 she worked as the research fellow at ICCROM (Rome) and UNESCO (Paris) working on WHC Urban Management Guide in historic cities, and the ICOMOS International Survey on preservation of the modern architecture worldwide.
She is an author of two books - Modern Architecture of Dubrovnik as a Cultural Heritage, 2010; and Contemporary Design in Historic Settings, 2013 - and has written and published numerous conference papers and research articles in her home country and abroad. She is an expert member of ICOMOS Scientific Committee on 20th century Heritage. Her primary research interests are: architecture, heritage, modern and contemporary art, urban and cultural theory, performative arts, etc.

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